Environmental client solutions

We have a long-standing tradition of providing clients with environmentally focused solutions that assist them in effectively managing their own impact on the planet.

Carbon value calculator

A new client feature we added to an existing solution in 2023 was our carbon value calculator to support our repair solutions. Our team in the UK uses this tool to calculate a CO2e cost for each repair, providing clients with the option of completing a carbon-neutral repair. The UK team has also appointed a carbon manager, and this colleague works with clients to find lower-carbon emitting solutions on claims – so we can help clients understand their carbon impacts, be compliant with regulations and meet their sustainability commitments.   

New climate resiliency solutions

In 2023, we launched climate resiliency solutions to holistically address the impact of climate-related risks and losses. With these solutions, we’re engaging multiple teams across Sedgwick to help clients prepare for weather-related risks, protect their investments, resolve property losses and recover from damage. Learn more about how we’re partnering clients to move forward, together.  

Environmental consulting services

One example of our work in designing environmental client solutions is our involvement with a team that supports capital improvement projects for housing authorities in a New England state. Our EFI Global division has been providing facility-related environmental consulting services to this client since 2017 and consulted on 30 projects in 2023 alone, with an estimated 600 coordinated hours. As part of this project work, our team provided comprehensive pre-renovation hazardous materials surveys and abatement strategies; indoor air quality and microbial assessments and remediation oversight; and environmental due diligence and compliance support for any new property purchases. Through this long-term partnership, we’ve helped with renovation, demolition and other routine environmental maintenance needs for these housing authorities – all while prioritizing the safety and well-being of underserved tenants. 

Our efforts have helped ensure safe communities for all who work and live there.