Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Sedgwick is decreasing our carbon footprint by minimizing non-essential business travel, completing work virtually whenever possible and reducing our global office footprint.

We’ve transitioned many of our teams to a telecommuter or hybrid work environment post-COVID, which has reduced our collective greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We also limit travel by holding virtual career fairs and interviews with candidates. In our work for clients, we use virtual site inspection tools when we can, hire local experts to perform inspections and reduce the number of experts on site visits by cross-training colleagues on multiple areas of expertise.

Reducing our energy consumption in offices

With more of our colleagues working remotely, we’ve reduced our global office footprint over the last three years by 30% based on business needsThis has helped us reduce our energy consumption significantly. We’ve taken steps to further control our energy in our existing office locations by embracing smart technology like motionsensing lighting and auto-adjusting HVAC systems. We’ve also incorporated smart office design by working with environmentally responsible vendors for things such as carpet and tile, repurposing nearly 50 tons of furniture and using eco-friendly and responsibly sourced materials in offices across the U.S., Canada and Latin America.  

Localized efforts to reduce our emissions

When traveling to losses is necessary in the UK and Ireland, we use a fleet comprising electric and hybrid/PHEV vehicles. In fact, in the UK, 70% of the fleet is electric or hybrid. Efforts like these have helped the UK get ISO 14001-certified, which recognizes effective environmental management systems that actively reduce environmental impacts. In the UK, we’ve also achieved carbon-neutral status and work to reduce our emissions further through things like a carbon value calculator, which we developed in 2023 to calculate and reduce the carbon cost of repairs on property damage claims for our clients.

Rewarding colleagues sustainably

With our new online rewards program, Props, colleagues around the world can share and celebrate accomplishments virtually. Colleagues and leaders no longer need to show their appreciation by traveling to an inperson meeting or event. Colleagues can redeem points earned through recognition for digital gift cards, physical merchandise, charitable giving and more. Since the launch, 65% of items redeemed have been digital gift cards. 


We continue to find ways to reduce our impact on the planet and are committed to identifying additional emission reduction activities going forward.

PAS 2060

certified carbon neutral in the UK


reduction of our global office footprint


of our UK fleet is electric or PHEV