Paper use

We’ve reduced our paper use by transitioning many processes to digital capture and storage.

Our claims department runs on a paperless environment by scanning intake documents and digitally delivering outbound documents. We have over 4.6 billion pages stored electronically, with 1.9 million digital pages added to the system every day. Laid end to end, that’s enough paper to wrap around the world 32 times! 

We’ve started sending client materials electronically

Examples include one division’s welcome packets that can often reach upwards of 99 pages and technical reports for inspections, which can reach 1,000 pages. By sending welcome packets electronically, we eliminated over 1 million paper documents in 2023. In addition, we’ve invested in new equipment and technology for our colleagues, like dual-screen monitors and tablets for field adjusters and professionals, to limit the need for printed materials.

We’ve gone digital at events

We are leveraging QR codes to direct people to digital sales, marketing and recruitment materials. By going paperless at our more than 600 global events in 2023, we’ve saved an estimated half a million pages of paper. To further reduce our page usage, in 2023, we launched digital business cards for our market-facing colleagues to use at conferences and business meetings. These reusable cards replace traditional paper business cards by linking to digital contact profiles and enabling easy contact sharing. 

New recycling and shredding program

We continue our transition to be more paperless whenever possible, and for any paper we do print, we partner with recycling and shredding vendors to lessen our environmental impact.

In 2023, we recycled and shredded over 629 tons of paper.


We continue to identify where processes can be converted to paperless. 


pages stored electronically


digital pages added to the system every day

629 tons

of paper recycled and shredded


pages of marketing materials eliminated