Management of environmental and social impacts in the supply chain

We understand the importance of engaging our supply chain to ensure compliance with environmental and social standards.

As part of an enhanced supplier management program, we’re emphasizing environmental and social responsibility throughout our supply chain. We are adding ESG principles to our supplier code of conduct and implementing a program for supplier opt-in.

Supplier management tools

Our comprehensive suite of supplier management tools centralizes and standardizes our process for supplier outreach and onboarding. In 2023, we leveraged these tools to automate the delivery, sign-off and management of our updated supplier ethics policy – making it easier than ever for us to communicate ESG principles with our suppliers and foster a more sustainable supply chain.

Also in 2023, we began preparations to transition our U.S. suppliers to a procure-to-pay model that requires an annual code of conduct certification. Contractors and subcontractors must also attest that they will comply with local, national and international laws and regulations, and conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner.