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Effective communication has never been as important as it is today, especially in time-critical product recall situations. Elevate consumer confidence and safeguard brand integrity through our expert call center solutions.


When a product’s safety comes into question, people want more than answers, especially in the digital age when information and misinformation spread rapidly.

Consumers want their concerns to feel heard. They expect a trustworthy individual on the other side that takes the time to listen, empathize and provide clear and accurate guidance on the actions to follow should they possess a defective product. They want to feel supported throughout the process.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands, our call centers have successfully managed millions of inquiries stemming from over 7,000 of the most sensitive and time-critical product recall and crisis events. Our extensive 25+ year track record – spanning more than 100 countries, 50 languages and all major industries – positions us at the leading authority in product recall contact center management.

The world's leading product recall company


Whether you require in- or out-bound communication support, across phone or multiple channels, on a domestic or global scale, we can accommodate your needs.

As experts in call center management, we offers:

  • A dedicated team of brand ambassadors trained to document, diagnose and resolve customer concerns. We accurately prescribe next steps to every inquiry and escalate issues according to your preferred protocols.
  • Instant on-demand support that adds flexibility and agility to your existing customer engagement infrastructure, alleviating pressure on resources as call volumes surge and ensuring vital day-to-day business operations are not compromised.
  • Scalability in size and duration, from short-term engagements to long-term programs in response to one-time product recalls or persistent issues. Flexibility on-demand – simply dial up and down as required.
The world's leading product recall company


By prioritizing the customer experience, our call centers help you turn customers into repeat buyers, and loyal customers into brand advocates.

With Sedgwick brand protection, you have 24-7-365 access to a global team of brand ambassadors ready to field calls from concerned customers. Our expertise extends beyond the handling and resolution of product recall inquiries, to encompass a wide range of business and product related challenges – from market withdrawals, product safety alerts, corrective action programs, post-sales warranty management, and much more.

Regardless of your needs, we have the expertise and resources to provide complete in- and out-bound after-sales support. Trusted by the world’s leading brands since 1995, discover how our comprehensive call center solutions can support you.

The world's leading product recall company


Case study: establishing a 400 agent call center to handle 70K life-critical inquiries, in under 48 hours.

When regulators demand a recall be made immediately, companies have little choice but to comply – regardless of whether they are prepared or not.

Explore our case study spotlighting our rapid response to an urgent nationwide recall, unilaterally announced by an industry regulator. Discover how we expeditiously scaled call center operations on behalf of one of the world’s most prestigious brands to remedy a product crucial to user’s lives.

Gain insights into how our comprehensive and scalable call center solutions ensure manufacturer and retailer readiness for such unforeseen, and enforced, emergencies.

The world's leading product recall company


Case study: establishing a 300 agent call center to handle 175K inquiries and 5M SKUs, in under 24 hours.

Explore our case study showcasing our immediate response to an urgent recall on a high-demand product that was gaining national media coverage. Discover how we rapidly mobilized a 24/7 300 agent in- and out-bound call center in under 24 hours, managing 5 million units and 175K calls with zero drops or busy signals.

Gain insight into how our comprehensive and scalable solutions, ensure preparedness for unforeseen, high-profile, emergencies, safeguarding manufacturer and supply chain partner brands.

The world's leading product recall company


The world’s leading product recall company

For over 25 years, companies of all sizes and sectors have trusted our expertise in preparing for and managing their product-related challenges. Since 1995, we’ve successfully managed more than 7,000 of the most sensitive and time-critical product recall programs, spanning 100 countries and 50 languages.

Whether your in-house teams need scalability to maintain daily operations during a product crisis, or you require a complete end-to-end product recall solution, we have the experience to protect your brand and peace of mind.

If you’re currently facing a product recall, or seeking to enhance your recall readiness, contact us now.

Discover our product recall solutions

Whether you need scalability to maintain daily operations during a product crisis, or require a comprehensive end-to-end product recall solution from recall-readiness audit and mock recall simulation, through to live event and regulatory closeout, we have the experience and resources to help protect your brand and bottom-line.

Discover our remediation solutions

While they may not be subject to recall, defective, damaged or out of specification products can cause significant financial and reputational damage. Discover how we locate, withdraw, replace, repurpose and recycle violative (non-recalled) products in market.


Whether you’re planning for — or currently facing — a product recall, market withdrawal, or any other in-market product incident, our experts are on hand to support you.