Power + energy

Assisting with onshore/offshore material damage, equipment failures, construction delays, operational outages and more.

What we do

All over the world, power and energy businesses are moving towards new energy generation technologies that are more sustainable and spread out, forcing infrastructure and regulation changes. With a changing sector, we face a large variety of losses, which require quick and close management by experts experienced in different fields, keeping local legislation and regulation in mind.

Our global response team is available 24/7 with the ability to respond quickly, manage losses and provide support for clients.

Types of damage

Losses relating to the oil and gas industry can, at times, reach great importance internationally with high costs and environmental impact that can compromise a company’s long-term viability, thus making necessary a high level of specialisation in identifying the source and minimising the potential consequences. Sedgwick is well equipped to handle the following:

  • Upstream – Identifying and quantifying damage, cause analysis and any financial loss resulting from exploration and production work.
  • Midstream – Quantifying damage, cause analysis, any impact on third parties and any financial loss in the distribution of hydrocarbons.
  • Downstream – Determination of damages, causation investigations and loss of revenue within the refining sector.

Our experience