Product liability

Supporting the active investigation and management of claims in any product liability or recall situation.

The world's leading product recall company

What we do

Whether you’re an insurer providing an international claims service, a broker looking to achieve protection for your valued clients or a company director working to protect your enterprise, product quality, business continuity and brand reputation are a top priority.


Sedgwick’s specialist product liability and recall practice group is ready to respond whenever and wherever a loss occurs. Our team conducts a thorough investigation to determine if there’s credible exposure and if so, we recommend strategies for a prompt, non-adversarial solution.


We also offer a comprehensive range of pre-loss activities to test and enhance any potential incident response, and we have the skills to draw up and implement effective product recall plans.

No matter the circumstance, handling product-related claims is a balancing act. Sedgwick is here to help.

Recall and remediation services

We provide tailored solutions to assist clients with product recall incidents, to mitigate and recover costs, and to protect their brands. Our brand protection team knows what it takes to help companies uphold commitments to customers, supply chain partners, industry groups and regulators. With a 25-year history managing some of the most sensitive product recall challenges in the world, Sedgwick offers the resources and experience necessary to plan for and manage a product recall event, no matter the size, industry or location.

The world's leading product recall company

Why choose Sedgwick?

  • We help manage the claimant’s aspirations, the policyholder’s expectations under the terms of the policy, and protect the bottom line — all whilst undertaking a detailed investigation.
  • With skills in diverse industries — including construction, automotive, retail, and food and beverage — we have the breadth and depth of knowledge to support you.
  • Our specialists have an in-depth understanding of local and international rules and regulations.
  • We can draw on a reservoir of resources, including accountants, engineers and surveyors to support any investigation of cause and quantum.
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