View 22: highlighting industry trends for the year ahead

January 20, 2022

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By David Stills, senior vice president, carrier and risk practice

Sedgwick’s industry experts and thought leaders are committed to keeping our clients informed on emerging challenges, opportunities and industry news.

We’re excited to introduce our View 22 list, which highlights topics and trends employers, risk management and human resource professionals, brokers and carriers should watch throughout the year.

View on people

Organizations around the world face workforce challenges, populations moving beyond a pandemic mindset and, as a result, reshaping their attitudes toward work, benefits and balance. In the face of ongoing change, partnership and support will be essential to organizations’ success and the overall health and wellness of their teams.

View on property

Supply chain disruption, fluctuation in labor and demand, and ever-shifting restrictions have created both shortages and surges in the marketplace – this will impact all types of property claims and repairs. As technology and the global landscape influence the way we respond, what changes will we see in coverage, service and resolution?

View on brands

Companies across all industries face new levels of risk and ongoing pressure in approaching regulation, liability and reputation. Proactive preparation can make a critical difference in getting ahead of the next product or brand crisis.

View on performance

Data science and advanced analytics are driving the technological transformation of organizations, helping leaders leverage insights and maintain business continuity. But partnership remains a differentiating factor as organizations adapt to evolving models, improve consumer experience and transform for the future.

As 2022 takes shape, we’ll continue to find creative ways to stay connected, and to keep our organization, our clients and our industry thinking big, adapting and moving ever forward. Sedgwick’s vision for the year ahead is to lead with clear, forward-thinking perspective. As we watch and respond to the issues facing people, property, brands and performance, we’ll continue to look deeper — sharing strategies and delivering solutions to meet each challenge.

What’s your view for 22?

Share your thoughts with us on LinkedInInstagram or our other social channels. We look forward to continuing the conversation and sharing insights with you throughout the year.

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