Clinical consultation/ nurse triage

We understand the importance of early and appropriate treatment of workplace injuries.

Two individuals going over a clinical consultation form.

What we do

Our registered nurses are trained in occupational injuries and use industry-proven guidelines to recommend first aid/self-care, telemedicine or in-person care with a local provider associated with the highest quality treatment outcomes. The clinical team also works with our utilization review (UR) nurses to ensure the best treatment levels. If the requested treatment falls outside of the medical guidelines, the UR nurse will engage a physician advisor who will consult with the treating provider on alternative strategies. 


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Our 24/7/365 clinical consultation/nurse triage solution helps employees receive safe, appropriate care at the time of injury.

Getting the right care from the start

  • Our team includes registered nurses who are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to assist injured employees; coverage is provided for all time zones
  • Our nurses evaluate the employee’s symptoms, and recommend and coordinate appropriate medical care
  • Provider referrals are routed to our five-star PPO network
  • The blended intake option provides a streamlined solution for claim reporting and care recommendations in a single call