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August 21, 2022

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Written by David Stills, senior vice president, carrier and risk practice

All eyes on workers’ compensation… and a look at what’s next

Workers’ compensation is comprised of multiple state systems, each with their own unique set of rules and regulations that are in constant flux. The definition of compensability is continually evolving and benefits are constantly changing — as are the needs and expectations of the injured workers and companies. During the Workers’ Compensation Institute’s (WCI) annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, an array of stakeholders representing all facets of the industry will come together to discuss some of the most pressing workers’ compensation issues and what’s next. Throughout our series of sessions, experts will discuss ways to elevate the injured worker’s experience, optimize outcomes and streamline the claims process. Here is a glimpse at what’s coming your way.

Examining medical care advancements for today’s injured worker

Monday, August 21 | 1-2pm

The medical care and recovery environment of an injured worker largely determines the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim. Effectiveness is driven by how quickly care is administered and the appropriateness of the treatment that is provided. Greater emphasis is being placed on providing more holistic treatment of an injured worker. The introduction of behavioral health specialists, pain specialists, and surgery nurses are being more widely adopted and embraced to improve experience and outcomes. Telehealth is making medical follow-up more convenient and increasing adherence to prescribed treatment plans. The importance of medical literacy is becoming better understood and there are increasing communications around treatment options, pre-existing conditions, current medications, and other factors that can impact recovery. When quality medical care is rendered, an injured worker is better able to focus on healing, recovery, and returning to an active and productive lifestyle.

Speakers: Tara Acton, claims director & counsel, Lumen Technologies Dr. Teresa Bartlett, managing director, Senior Medical Officer, Sedgwick Michele Maffei, director of workers’ compensation, Publix Super Markets

Looking at ways to streamline the claims process to optimize outcomes and experience

Monday, August 21 | 2:15-3:15pm

A claims strategy with a strong employee focus is paramount in today’s competitive business environment. Impressions are formed at the time an incident is reported and continue throughout the recovery and return to work process. Individuals will note the urgency, compassion, and concern expressed in response to their injury, the communication and guidance they are provided throughout the claims process, and the degree to which a fair and equitable settlement is established. Employers must ensure their culture and brand are manifested in all aspects of the workers’ compensation process, particularly in their interactions with employees. This session will focus on practical and proven strategies to elevate employee experience, corporate brand, and financial performance.

Speakers: Patti Colwell, workers’ compensation program manager, Southwest Airlines Max Koonce, chief claims officer, Sedgwick Nancy Strubler, director of workers’ compensation, National Express, LLC

Focusing on data patterns, emerging trends and specialty research to mirror future impact

Monday, August 21 | 3:15-4:15pm

Well-known industry specialists will share highlights from their in-depth analyses and research related to areas having a notable impact on workers’ compensation. Hear one of the industry’s leading researchers share new insights around provider consolidation and its projected impact on injured worker care and costs. Listen to a highly acclaimed chief data officer as he shares patterns detected in data and what these can indicate about future litigation using attorney firm scorecards. And take note of trends emerging from California research that relate to access to care and what they may mean for workers and businesses across the rest of the country. Data patterns, emerging trends, and specialty research of this magnitude are as close as it gets to mirroring future happenings.

Speakers: Adam Fisher, chief data officer, Sedgwick John Ruser, president and CEO, The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute Alex Swedlow, president, California Workers’ Compensation Institute

The opportunities at this year’s WCI conference will be one more reminder that our professional lives have meaning and impact. When we work together under unique circumstances, the industry is stronger and the injured worker experience is improved.

We’ll see you at the conference, but in the meantime…

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Every step of the way, we’re here to help you embrace, elevate and expand your view. Find us at booth #803 to connect with leaders throughout the conference.

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