Major and complex loss review 2021

November 24, 2021

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By Ben Price, head of operations, MCL Global

Since early 2020, organisations in every sphere of business have felt the pressure of an unforeseen, unprecedented global pandemic — it has continuously tested our resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Even as our ability to meet, talk and interact with one another diminished — and challenges around how best to safely adapt our ways of doing business grew — insurance claims never went away. And while the majority of large losses had nothing directly to do with the pandemic, the added layer of complexity demanded an even greater-than-usual need for innovative thinking and flexibility of approach to ensure these claims could be successfully resolved. Supported by our comprehensive global network, Sedgwick’s major and complex loss teams have been busy helping our clients around the world and across a range of specialist disciplines. In our 2021 major and complex loss review, we share just a few of their stories:

  • A monsoon forest fire at the U.K.’s Chester Zoo
  • Mass cancellations of worldwide public events
  • Managing claims aboard the APL England cargo container ship
  • Pedestrian bridge collapse at a U.S. college
  • Defects in a state-of-the-art steam distribution system
  • An increase in global food fraud cases
  • Devastating wildfire at New Zealand’s remote Lake Ohau
  • A ten-carat diamond goes missing
  • Disaster and delays in the Suez Canal
  • A catastrophic fault impacts installation of an offshore wind farm
  • Wastewater treatment plant breakdowns
  • Power plant fire in Africa
  • Damage to an underground aviation fuel pipe in the Middle East
  • Massive storm batters the Spanish Catalan coastline

These claims, while significant, are just a small piece of the amazing work our teams of major and complex loss adjusters do each and every day. Sedgwick has handled several thousand major and complex losses around the world since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’ll continue to focus on meeting these challenges with practical solutions — designed to resolve claims while keeping people safe.

You can read the full 2021 major and complex loss review here.

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