Expand your view at PIEF 2022

October 5, 2022

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by Shane O’Dea, head of strategic partnerships and programs, workers compensation

During the Personal Injury & Disability National Conference, an array of stakeholders across Australia will come together to discuss outcomes and industry best practices for the motor accident, workers compensation, disability and life insurance sectors. Our own experts will take part in a session about leveraging the power of influence to elevate claims program success. Here is a glimpse at what’s coming your way.

The power of influence: How trust can improve claims outcomes and experience

Kimberly George | October 11 at 2:50pm

Undoubtedly, workplace accidents and injuries disrupt lives. However, the path toward resolution doesn’t have to be unsettling. Where a convoluted and complex claims process can further aggravate uncertainties, a well-managed, curated process can ensure return to work is seamless as possible. With an advocacy approach, an individual is engaged each step along the way and surrounded by the resources they need. Trust makes all the difference; with mutual understanding, transparent communication and supportive technology, recovery timeframes are agreed upon, delays are reduced and claims costs are kept under control.

Leading organisations are learning how to leverage the power of influence to aid the injured worker’s recovery and streamline the claims process. This begins with building trust, increasing engagement, and taking an advocacy approach that places the injured worker’s needs at the center of the process. Attendees will walk away from this session with an understanding of:

  • The practical, proven communication strategies that engage all stakeholders, including employers, doctors and injured workers.
  • How technology can support an advocacy model and encourage positive relationships in the claims process.
  • How a people first, tech forward and data driven strategy translates into a more positive experience for injured employees and improved outcomes for their organisations.

Opportunities to expand your view

Throughout the conference, Sedgwick leaders will lead panel discussions about workers compensation and international perspective and partnership. Tune in October 11 at 3:40pm to hear from Shane O’Dea and October 12 at 3:10pm for another chance to learn from Kimberly George. Countless individuals and teams across Australia have developed or implemented innovative solutions — enabling their organisation to provide new or improved services for people with an injury or disability, their employer or other appropriate stakeholders. To celebrate and showcase recent achievements, Sedgwick will sponsor the innovation in injury and disability management award. Kimberly George will present the winner at the Gala Conference dinner.

We’ll see you at the conference, but in the meantime…

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Every step of the way, we’re here to help you embrace, elevate and expand your view. See you soon, Brisbane!

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