Imagine the possibilities: annual recap

December 29, 2023

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As we wrap up 2023, we’re presented with an opportunity to reflect on the new and unexpected challenges our clients faced this year — and their resilience along the way. Employers, risk management and human resource professionals, brokers and carriers harnessed their experiences to imagine the possibilities for their programs. At the same time, our industry experts and thought leaders kept them informed on emerging trends, industry news and best practices. 

The topics below are part of Sedgwick’s Imagine 23 list that our team, alongside our partners, wrote about and created solutions for throughout 2023. 

The challenges we’ve faced this year aren’t going away; they continue to evolve, along with our reflections and guidance. Continue to follow the conversation! We invite you to catch up on the latest blogs about the issues facing people, property, brands and performance.

Helping people

In every industry and vertical, organizations stayed focused on creating — and incentivizing — a healthy workplace culture. Our new normal, hybrid workplaces, demands a new perspective on meshing productivity and flexibility, and we saw employers finding ways to streamline leave policies and enhance accommodations in an ever-complex landscape. 

Restoring property 

We’ve entered an era of specialty expertise, as we engineer new solutions for complex losses, manage climate’s impact on claims and shift the supply chain focus to be more tactical. And having come through years of the pandemic’s impact, we asked ourselves: Is the state of emergency a new weapon in the risk management arsenal?

Preserving brands

Staying ahead of the pace of change meant an even greater emphasis on technology, and strategically prioritizing prevention, in these times of increased cost, became more important. Blending the worlds between brands and their people, we saw ESG move from obligation to transformation. 

Empowering performance 

From persevering through economic uncertainty to maintaining compliance and reputational integrity in the midst of geopolitical instability, organizations found new value in data and optimization, as well as new ways to retain and attract top talent amid workplace turmoil.

Connect forward 

None of us knows what 2024 may bring. But in the unexpected, you can be sure of this: Sedgwick will be here for you, watching trends, sharing ideas, offering support, bringing the best of our global and local resources, and connecting to what matters most. 

Stay tuned for more on our 2024 thought leadership list. We look forward to continuing the conversation and sharing insights with you throughout the new year.

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