A look into the life of an independent adjuster

March 30, 2022

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By Andrew Price, director, staffing solutions

When an individual or organization faces a loss, finding the right local expert at a moment’s notice can be challenging.

For daily claims and catastrophe (CAT) deployments, our colleagues work hand-in-hand with our network of independent field and desk adjusters (IAs) to manage the resulting claim surge and show those impacted how caring counts.

For many, the draw to be an IA is the convenience factor of choosing when and where they want to work. For others, it’s the opportunity to expand their skill set, find purpose and earn supplemental income. But no matter how they found themselves in the property industry, one thing is clear: the role of an IA does not go unnoticed.

Embracing the journey

Jeffrey P. is one of our independent claims adjusters based in South Carolina who began his career after talking with a friend in the industry. Once he was licensed in May 2018, he started completing assignments here and there. But it didn’t take long for him to discover the expansive opportunities available to him. His secret for success? A willingness to learn and an ability to quickly connect with and give peace of mind to insureds.

Ryan M. is one of our independent claims adjusters based in Michigan who began his career after witnessing several friends complete Veterans Adjusting School (VAS). At the time, he was working nights at a manufacturing facility, but was looking for an opportunity that allowed him to create his own schedule. Fast forward four years; Ryan shared that he owes a lot of credit to the teams who gave him the tools to succeed. His advice for those in the industry? Never stop learning and always be open to instruction.

Leading with empathy

Following Hurricane Delta, Jeffrey quickly learned how meaningful his role is. Efforts to support the community were well underway, but being fairly new to the industry, Jeffrey was unsure what to expect. All he knew is he wanted to help those impacted by the hurricane. In the midst of this crisis, he met a gentleman in Louisiana who lost power in his home and faced interior damage due to mold. Jeffrey acted quickly, going above and beyond to answer questions and offer a listening ear. Although his day had technically come to an end, after the on-site assignment was complete the gentleman invited Jeffrey for coffee. “It’s an incredibly rewarding experience,” Jeffrey explains.

In addition to CAT work, many independent adjusters prefer to stay close to home. Ryan completes most of his assignments in and around Michigan and has had his fair share of unique challenges. In the city of Detroit, Ryan put our caring counts philosophy to work after water pumps failed last year. Thousands of homes experienced water backup; and quite a few residents who lacked coverage were elderly. Ryan approached these conversations carefully and with empathy. “My heart went out to them,” he recalls. “I can navigate these instances because I care about people. Caring counts means everything.” Having to let someone who is already in a difficult situation know that there will be additional obstacles is challenging, but knowing you can help them navigate the circumstances is what makes this career so rewarding for so many IA’s.

Caring continues

Jeffrey and Ryan are just two of Sedgwick’s dedicated independent adjusters who continue to bring the human connection to everything they do, each and every day. To show our appreciation for the important role of IAs in our delivery of world-class loss adjusting solutions, Sedgwick is pleased to recognize Jeffrey and Ryan, among two other top-performing adjusters for their work throughout 2021. These IAs have been awarded full-tuition scholarships for the commercial loss adjusting courses we offer to support their professional growth. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, we have opportunities nationwide. Here are some ways to get started:

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