Sedgwick’s claims management system was developed based on our experience with clients in all industries across multiple lines of business and the millions of claims we manage each year. As a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk and benefits solutions, we have an in-depth understanding of the advanced technology, functionality and security employers and carriers need to successfully manage claims.

With 1,000 IT professionals on staff, Sedgwick delivers superior technology solutions to some of the nation’s premier employers and carriers – and our capabilities and expertise are unparalleled in the industry. We continuously upgrade our systems to meet our clients’ needs; many of their recommendations result in key enhancements for everyone. We invest more than $190 million each year to improve our technology, including investments in the next generation of claims innovation. Our clients have immediate access to the latest version of our system, as well as new features as soon as they come online.

Decision optimization

Sedgwick is blending our consumer-focused approach with prescriptive analytics to create a more personalized experience for the employee. Sedgwick is able to do more than just reveal meaningful trends in claims data; we use our data to drive decisions that ultimately lead to smarter outcomes for clients, their employees, guests and other stakeholders.

This involves looking at specific characteristics of every claim, and then addressing concerns early to help guide them toward the best possible outcome. Doing that effectively for the millions of people Sedgwick serves requires smart technology and automation embedded within our advocacy approach. Our decision optimization platform is the analytical brain behind what we do. It uses proprietary algorithms, machine learning and sophisticated data analysis to automate decisions and appropriately direct the care path.


Our experienced professionals can provide comprehensive support for clients’ internal claims teams. With our advanced technology, expert resources and integrated services, Sedgwick offers advantages for employers, insurance carriers, pools and associations that no other risk management information system (RMIS) or claims administration software provider can match.

Sedgwick’s customizable claims system gives clients the ability to administer claims for workers’ compensation; auto, general and professional liability; property; disability, leave of absence and ADA; and managed care. Our clients can select line of business modules and complementary support services based on their needs – while benefiting from our team’s in-depth claims experience and industry expertise.

Claims systems

We offer a fully integrated, multiline system and effective interfaces for virtually any kind of claims program, human resources or payroll system. We are using technology to make the consumer the focus. Through this approach, we have seen dramatic results — high return on investment, more timely reserving, earlier and increased touch points with the consumer, better understanding of their concerns, decreased litigation, and better overall satisfaction for clients and consumers alike.

Linking it all, our viaOne® suite of tools provides clients and their employees with 24/7 secure, online access to real-time information in our proprietary claims management system. Employers can personalize the system through dashboards, key metrics and alerts. We offer unparalleled reporting capabilities and compliance solutions, including a fully integrated OSHA solution. Employees can customize how they want to receive claims communications. Claims information is accessible online in a responsive design format for ease of use and access anywhere.

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