European automotive recalls fall by 28% amidst regulatory scrutiny over EV charging infrastructure

September 8, 2022

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Sedgwick brand protection releases latest European product recall index report for Q2 2022

LONDON, 8 September 2022 – Sedgwick brand protection published their latest European product recall index report for Q2. Recalls for the automotive sector fell to 163 in this year’s second quarter, down 28% from Q1, though comparable to the 177 recalls in Q2 2021.

Electric vehicles (EVs) – cars, vans, heavy goods vehicles and scooters – continue to attract the keen scrutiny of regulators. In March, the UK government introduced its comprehensive strategy to support a robust network of electric vehicle charging stations to help increase adoption of greener transportation.

According to the newly released EV infrastructure strategy, “Taking Charge”, more than 25% of all new cars sold in the UK during December 2021 were battery electric vehicles. That figure was only 2% in 2019. To keep up this momentum, the government acknowledged that public charge points funded by the private sector and investment community must become a priority to ensure the nation meets the rapidly growing demand.

In addition to rolling out a robust electric charging station infrastructure, the UK government committed to mandating targets for a percentage of manufacturers’ new car and van sales to be zero-emission each year starting in 2024. This is ahead of the ban on sales of new combustion engine cars and vans which comes into force in 2030. Additionally, in June, the European Parliament upheld plans to ban combustion engines in the EU beginning in 2035.

To download the latest report, visit European product recall index report.

Q2 2022 automotive recall highlights:

  • While the number of automotive recalls fell to 163 in Q2 2022 (down 28% from last quarter), recall rates remained comparable to the 177 events recorded in Q2 2021.
  • Injuries were again the leading risk associated with auto recalls; being tied to 129 recalls or 79% of notifications in Q2. Fires and injuries were the second most common risk type, cited in 13 recalls, followed by fire alone with nine recalls.
  • Passenger cars were the most common product involved in Q2 recalls with 127 events. Passenger vans or light commercial vehicles followed with 16 and motorcycles were third with only four – a significant drop from the 17 motorcycle recalls in the first quarter.
  • The UK maintained its lead as the country with the most notifications at 94, one more than it had in Q1. Germany had 48 notifications, down from 77 last quarter. France was in third place, though its number of notifications fell nearly 73% (with 11) compared to 41 recall alerts in Q1 2022.

“Meeting both the UK and EU’s lower emission standards is adding increased pressure to manufacturers. They need to deliver vehicles that will meet these standards and ramp up production quickly, even amid ongoing supply chain disruptions and the cost-of-living crisis. If they don’t, they’re likely to suffer severe financial and reputational damage as the manufacturing of internal-combustion vehicles discontinues,” said Julie Ross, international business development director at Sedgwick.

Ross added: “Manufacturers, regulators and insurers must also prepare for the sharp increase in private e-scooters use. Despite regional trial rental schemes, there are an estimated 750,000 private e-scooters now being illegally ridden across the UK. This has in part, resulted in nearly 900 casualties from collisions in 20211. The government cannot afford to ignore how this popular mode of transport is impacting local communities.”

is an essential reference for manufacturers and retailers seeking impartial and reliable perspective on past, present and future recall data and product safety trends>span class=”normaltextrun”>.

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1 In March 2022, The UK’s Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) released its report on the safety of private e-scooters. The PACTS data revealed there were nearly 900 casualties from collisions involving e-scooters in 2021. It did not differentiate between rental and private e-scooters.

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